Transform The Way You Think!

In this stressful world we live in, it is so beneficial to come across something that helps us to cope. Many people search for many things that could help them, one of which is meditation, another being Mindfulness, or Yoga etc. All of which provide benefits.

With our busy lives, our minds tend to be full of clutter, anxiety, doubt.
When nothing seems to be going right in our life, no matter what it is, it leaves us feeling in a low mood, with a gloomy outlook and consequently, very negative.

The thought patterns we put out, reflect this mood and seems to attract more negativity towards us. Therefore, something that heps us change our mindset is worthwhile trying, as once we start to look at life in a better way, in a brighter mood, with hope, good and more positive things can be attracted to us. This is how the Law of Attraction works. The Universe is here to support you, so if your reality is negative, it supports you with negativity, if your reality is positive, it supports you with positivity. The Universe is bountiful, infinite. Time is an illusion, man-made to help us make order and sense of the world around us. The world of nature does not rely on time.

In a low, downcast mood, we may miss opportunities that an open, aware, expectant mood would suddenly see. A calm, clear mind is better able to cope, and go with the flow of life. Good-things can come out of bad situations. A bad situation can be the catalyst that makes us want to improve our life in some way.

You were born positive, life makes you negative with all its trials and tribulations, so get back to your true, positive self. Change your mind pattern to a bright optimistic one and expect good things to come to you.



© 2010  A poem by Patricia Summers;

You are what you think, so you’d better Think Right,
Your’re not a child of darkness but a child of the Light.
Raise up your spirits and your thoughts too!
For the dark thoughts you think will be drawn back to you.
A thought is energy that you send out,
don’t cloud its potential, with guilt, fear or doubt.
Being negative is easy, it surrouds us every day.
Make an effort to be positive and chase the gloom away.
If you want to be surrounded, by cheerfulness and light,
then send out that thought and learn to THINK RIGHT.